Fistful_on_white Faith, fashion… and a useless hitman.

A deluded fashion designer out for revenge, a professional footballer on the edge of his sanity, an IT dweeb who wants to be a hitman, and a Scottish minister on a charity cycle ride. Why are they all interested in a gentle supermodel with a rather expensive cat? And what is Cullen doing with a very angry badger?

The chaos never lets up as a parade of the feckless, hopeless and clueless chase their own dreams, unaware that each is trampling the plans of the others underfoot.

For Cullen, none of this is exactly a matter of life and death.  It’s much more important than that.

What readers have to say:

***** Amazon.com “Right! Hands up anyone who would like to hear a story which, in subtle/hidden humour, surrounds the fashion industry and contains two damsels in distress, a dope-crazy husband, two amateur villains, a novice priest and a (peeved) hero drifter and sidekick. All those with their hands up, put them down, reach into your wallet/purse and buy this book.”

***** Amazon.co.uk “Brilliant. Even better than his first book, loved every minute.”

***** Amazon.co.uk “A marvellous mix of colourful characters, mad escapades and some hysterical comedy moments as the disparate worlds of fashion, football and the church entwine in a rollicking tale.”

***** Amazon.co.uk “Really enjoyed this book. Couldn’t put it down. Would recommend.”

***** Goodreads.com “Another very funny book that made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion.”

**** Goodreads.com “A well woven tale which romps through a world I know nothing about, in this case fashion and textiles, entertaining boldly and educating by stealth. A fun read for the days when you just don’t want to take life too seriously.”