Getting to the truth. By trial… and eror error.

Cullen is on jury duty, and the sleepy town of Melrose is experiencing a rare crime wave: the famous Rugby Sevens trophy is stolen, a dead body is unearthed, there is a spate of petty arson, and someone drives a van into Gloria’s front room.

Why? And what is her husband doing every night up on Eildon hill?

In this hilarious crime romp, thwarted love, misguided loyalties and unbelievable gullibility reach crisis point on the one day in the year when the world pays a visit to Melrose.

At the final whistle, Cullen will ensure that justice is done. Because sometimes, twelve good men just isn’t enough.

What book bloggers have to say:

Damp Pebbles: “5 stars, my favourite fiction book of the year.”  Full review

Donna’s Book Blog: “The plot is excellent …it is very well written… not your normal crime book, it is so much more!! Five stars from me.” Full review

It’s All About The Books: “What a clever and humorous story it is… it makes you want to go and read the other (Cullen) books which I will definitely be doing.”  Full review

Ginger Book Geek: “I absolutely loved reading ‘The Good, The Bad & The Rugby’ and I guarantee that you will love it too. I will definitely be finding Mark’s other books and reading them as soon as I can. A very well deserved 5* out of 5*.  Full review

Varietats: “Please start reading this book. There’s humour in every page that will keep you entertained and laughing out loud.”  Full review

The Quiet Knitter: “The characters are superb creations… a wonderful cast of societal misfits with a great dash of humour and a plot that has readers racing through to find out what happens next!”  Full review

Rae Reads: “A crazy ride of a story… an interesting selection of characters that had me in stitches.”  Full review

Audio Killed The Bookmark: “One of those books you don’t want to read in public, unless you want to get funny looks when you’re laughing out loud at apparently nothing.”  Full review

Other reviews:

***** “I loved it. The book was researched impeccably, the writing is excellent, the plot gripping – basically I’m just hooked by Mark Farrer.”

***** “This book will give you lots of laughs, smiles and rolling of the eyes. Quite amazing… for reasons I can’t really put my finger on, I like this one the best.”

**** “The characters are the real backbone of the comedy in this book, a glorious array of misfits, social incompetents and petty criminals, all very cleverly parodied just enough to take them from rather inconsequential to very funny.”

**** “Colourful characters and jaunty narrative abound – another rollicking good read!”

**** “Another tall tale of moral turpitude uniquely punished. Its cast of extreme characters in farcical situations are richly painted and so somehow believable . Set around the Melrose Rugby Sevens, The Good, The Bad, & The Rugby gets a big thumbs up from me.”

**** “Probably my favourite Cullen book so far. It made me laugh out loud and the regular characters are fleshing out nicely. This book has a lovely ending and justice is meted out with Cullen’s usual quirky sense of right and wrong.”

***** Goodreads “Brilliantly Funny. Mark Farrer is getting better and better… reminds me of Tom Sharpe at his best.”