seagulls_on_white Ecology. Sabotage. Theft. Panto.

What’s the connection between a scheming Russian oligarch and his bungling henchmen, an ardent eco-protester and a faded Hollywood bombshell? And why are they leaving crime scenes all over Scotland – from Largs to Orkney, Stornoway to the Borders?

And what has any of this got to do with Cullen? He just wants to be bloody left alone.

It’s a series of bizarre mishaps in a plot full of incident, humour and Scottish salmon.

Oh no it isn’t! OH YES IT IS!

What readers have to say:

***** Amazon.com “I loved this book! This great story wraps it all together in one great humorous and adventurous package.”

***** Amazon.com “The story moves along nicely, and the intermingling of the various characters is very smooth. The characters themselves are terrific; criminals, greed, revenge, good guys, subtle romance and subtle humour. Highly recommended.”

***** Amazon.com “I thoroughly enjoyed this book !! It had bad and good guys, women in distress, rich and poor men and a mysterious hero. The dialogue was quick and funny.”

***** Amazon.com ” A really neat action/comedy novel… be ready to love the book. It appears the author intends a second book, which I will await eagerly. If it is half as much fun to read as this effort, we will not be disappointed. “

***** Amazon.com “Excellent attention to detail in this intricately woven plot of rapid fire action and colorful characters. Hop on board, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.”

***** Amazon.com “Loads of fun – great writing – settle in for an all-nighter!”

***** Amazon.com “Funny, entertaining and well worth a read.”

***** Amazon.co.uk “I really enjoyed this funny and original book… great plot and interesting characters… reminiscent of Tom Sharpe and Terry Pratchett.”

***** Amazon.co.uk “I highly recommend the book”

***** Amazon.co.uk “Lovely, funny, quirky book. Really enjoyed it.”

***** Amazon.co.uk “The tartan Hiaasen. A raucous rollicking joy of a book. Rips through the plot and landscape. Just very enjoyable.”

**** Amazon.co.uk “A funny fishy tale. This book takes a humorous and quirky look at the ecological impact of salmon farming. Throw in an eco warrior in the pay of a Russian salmon farmer and the feathers fly.”